Sunday, May 06, 2007

Summer is on the way....

And so is the dilemma of white pants!

Just for the record - now that my backside is what it is, I would ONLY wear a pair of white pants under pain of death (and believe me, the option of death would be seriously considered) - or if I wanted to show Star Wars on my butt!

That being said (or gotten out of my system, however you want to put it!), I realize that there are plenty of 50+ ladies out there that can still put on the snow-colored pants without immediate humiliation.

For those of you who can, but still have a few issues with how to do it to best effect, get yourself over to Wardrobe 911 for some handy tips on how to tame them:

Tricks for Wearing White Pants

Be sure to hit the main page too for sunblock tips and what to wear ideas for sailing - if sailings what you like to do on bright summer days!

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