Saturday, May 05, 2007

Humm...Interesting Bag Concept....

As I was meandering around the web, I happened upon the following handbag...

The Butler Bag

Here it is in all it's glory:

Not the most beautiful bag I've seen I'll grant you. But here's what has the potential to make it glorious:

Talk about organization!

I'm not sure how I would feel about having all my stuff in little plastic sections --but I know how I feel about digging around in a purse trying to find something I KNOW is in there! I HATE it! So I definitely understand the issue their attempting to address!

Like I said, from a style perspective, it might not be the best - but if you're looking for a hard core, weekend errand running bag with the kids or the grandkids in tow - this could very well fit the bill! And in leather at a start price of $95.00 (there is a larger version for $150.00) it could be money well spent!

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