Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother of the Bride - or Groom!

In a earlier post, we got the bride, bridesmaids, groom, groom's men - heck maybe even the father of the bride and groom outfitted for a song!

As ever, mom gets everyone else ready before she sees to herself.

But now it's your turn! And the main rule of thumb - don't overshadow the bride and don't look dowdy yourself!

So in that vein here are a few possibilities for the big day:

First hope on over to where they have a whole primer on wedding wear:

What to Wear to a Wedding

While aimed at general wedding guests, I thought just about any of these outfits would be lovely for the mother of the bride or groom as well. My two favs:

Total Outfit = $158.00

Sadly the above only comes in Misses and Petite sizes.

Total Outfit = $228.oo - $258.00

Come one, come all for this one - Misses, Petite and Women's sizes welcome!

Over at Ann Taylor:

Liberty Jacquard Jacket and Pencil Skirt - $356.00

I'm not mad for the color on this outfit for a wedding, it would be better in a warm cream color or a pale silver or blue -- but I do like the idea of a tailored suit - very chic for the moms!

Beaded Bolero Jacket and Long Gown - $496.00

Once again, not wild about the color. But if you want to go the formal lenght route a very nice silhouette.

And, of course, Ms. Ann only does Misses sizes! :-p

But speaking of the formal route - over at they are definitely ready to hook you up! They have a whole Wedding Shop covering the gamut of the wedding party with a section just for the Mother of the Bride or Groom

They offer a wide range of sizes, styles and prices so do go on over and check them out. I'll just throw out a couple of samples from their collection:

Cachet Dress with Beaded Jacket - Reg $188.00, Plus $208.00

Cachet Iridescent Organza Skirt Set - Misses and Petite $168.00

Yes I know - that brown tone again. But the slimmery fabric and the cut of this outfit makes this one a winner for me in this shade! But if you just can't see yourself in such a dark color at the wedding this outfit also comes in a lovely blue, and a spring type lilac.

Alex Evenings Bead Shantung Dress with Jacket (Plus) - $186.00


So no excuse for not looking fab while you're beaming with pride in the pictures! And congratulations on shepherding your darlings to this happy day!

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