Monday, May 28, 2007

Dressing Stylishly In Middle-Age?

This morning,on the CBS Early Morning show, they had a segment on Ageless Dressing with author Christine Schwab ("The Grown-Up Girl's Guide to Style: A Maintenance Bible for Fashion, Beauty, and More").

The interview was good and you can read a summary at the following link...

Dressing Stylishly In Middle-Age

I wish, however, that the the video was posted, because for me, that's where the whole segment faltered. The brief fashion show (they showcased 3 outfits), featured models, 2 of which were not even 50+, and all three of which were tall and lean!

I know this is a horse I continue to beat, but it can't be helped. The reality of growing older more than not brings with it at least some additional pounds - along with a a shifting of body shape. What was firm ain't firm no more! And that fact very much impacts what will now look good on you and what won't.

For me, and I suspect for many other women as they cross that divide from 40 to 50, is the biggest fact that I've had to face up to and take into account as I try to dress this changed body. And I just don't think it's particularly helpful to not have at least the different silhouettes of the post 50 woman if you are going to speak honestly about how they can best move stylishly into this new phase of their lives!

Like I said, the actual interview was pretty good - but the fashion show drained some of the credibility for me. Anyway, check the article out - you won't have the fashion show experience to 1/2 ruin it for you! ; - )

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Anonymous said...

What you speak of is also typical of More magazine, which purports to serve women who are 40+. They do the Wilhelmina model search and have fashion advice, but they do tend to use models who are well below the statistical average of women (12/14 for the wider society, 16/18 for African Americans).