Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Target Keeps on Keepin' on....

Showing the wantabees how design for the masses is done!

I don't usually pay a whole lot of attention to Target's Go International lines - frankly they are designed for women much younger than moi.

But I have to say that the new Temperley London line holds some promise for ladies over 20...check out the preview on The Budget Fashionista's front page!

I think the right over 50 figure could pull off either dress and there are possibilities for the pants and 2 short jackets if you play it just right!

And while the Patrick Robinson line is definitely a 20 somethings line, even an old bird like me can sport his oversized tote for those beach/park outings with the kids/grandkids/friends...

Patrick Robinson Medallion Print Tote Bag - $29.99

I love this print - and while he's going for an Agean vibe in this line, to me it has a real French Country toile feel!

And last, but not least...I think Target may just have surpassed themselves with their new Devi Kroell for Target handbag line.

Get thee over to Shopdiary for the pics:

Devi Kroell for Target

Now personally, I'm no fan of snakes or anything made out of them! But if these bags look near as good in person as they do in the pics -- I might just be tempted! (It is fake snake after all! ; - ) )

I'm especially drawn to the cutch and pochette - simply elegant! And more to my point - ageless!

As I said, we'll see how they look under the harsh lights of our local Target - but there's real potential there for Target to provide yet another dose of cheap chic!

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