Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Abaete for Payless Summer '07 Collection....

Is up online!

Abaete for Payless Summer '07

Now I actually saw these shoes yesterday and yes, they are every bit as cute in person as they are in the pictures! I remember being somewhat disappointed when I actually saw the first Abaete Payless collection in the store - to me they looked as cheap as their price.

But this summer collection looks anything but - maybe being patent helps. Or maybe, Abaete is getting into the low price design grove. Which ever it is, the shoes look great. Also wonderful is the fact that these lines always offer both a high heel style and flats - shoes for every foot AND every budget - how can you lose?

My favs:

Chambers Pump Candy Pink $25.00

Okay no, with my bad feet I can't wear it - but that doesn't stop me from lovin' it!

And wait there's more! It also comes in white....

With just the right summer dress...growl! ;-)

Now back to reality....

Carnegie d'Orsay Red - $20.00

Too cute with the potential of being comfortable as well - a win-win! Oh and it comes in white and black as well.

Gansevoort Tote - $24.00

Now I am no fan of the recent clear handbag/tote trend. Damn it, the whole purpose of a purse is to hide your mess! : - /

But if you feel you must show your business to the whole world, I think this tote more than does the job and with more style than some of the more expensive versions! And really, do you think you should be spending more than 25 bucks just to embarrass yourself?

So for no more than $25.00 you can give your summer shoe/handbag collection an energy boost!

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