Friday, May 25, 2007

Speaking of the issue of what we wear.....

Get thee over to What a Woman Needs In her Wardrobe for two excellent posts that speak to the issue of style and the individual...

Wednesday Ramblings...

Fashion is Stupid

In both Ms. Allie states some hard truths -- and give some great advice on how to deal with them!

Anyway you slice it, it all comes down you this: You HAVE to dress - you might as well find a way to do it that both presents you in the best way possible and is true to who you are.

No not easy, I know - but, damn it, you ARE worth it! ;-)

(And by the by - while you're over at WAWNIHW - check out her post giving good advice to stay at home moms: Mall and SAHM. Honey, those tips can work for anyone! ;-) And her list of suggested shops is right on and will work as well for the 50+ gal!)

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