Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More Winners from the Isaac Mizrahi for Target Collection....

Yeah I was in Target - again! - over the weekend (I know, I know, I should be skipping over to Sharebuilder to buy stock!) and saw some of the new pieces from their Mizrahi line.

I have to say I wasn't impressed by most of it, I think he's done better - but these two pieces definitely stood out:

Isaac Mizrahi for Target® 3-Button Pinstripe Jacket $39.99

Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Hepburn Wide-Leg Pants - Blue Bonnet $34.99

I especially like the pants - they really do have the Hepburn trouser look I'm such a sucker for, with the wide leg and cuff.

The fabric feels pretty good - a mid-weight poly / rayon blend that's machine washable (always a plus in my book!). They also come in different lenghts (short, regular and tall) which is as helpful as it is uncommon in women's pants be they high priced or low! Keep in mind, you might have to look twice if you pick these up in the store -- I don't remember if the different lenghts were clearly indicated on the tags. They are clearly defined on the Target website.

I'm not quite as pumped about the jacket -- it might be just a bit too short for some. But the tailoring is pretty good so it will work well with the pants as a business suit option - if it can work with your figure!

The only real down point is that the sizes only go up to a size 18. Bullah! : - p

I can say from my own experience with a pair of denim trousers from his Target line that I was able to wear the size 18 regular -- and I'm one of those women who, in store sizes, tends more towards the plus size than the regular misses!

All in all, a sharp look I think can work for women of a wide range of ages, if not sizes. Pare it with a smokin' bag and a dead on pair of shoes and you've got it made for not a lot of cash!

If you happen to be in Target, check it out!

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