Friday, January 12, 2007

Okay I think I'm in Love....

No not that silly romantic thing for another person. The REAL deal - purse love!

Bluefly is having a sale (no surprise there) on designer handbags. And so, broke as I am, I just had to go over and take a look.

Now here I have to give full disclosure: I LOVE handbags! When I moved to smaller quarters, I gave away 20 handbags, not to mention the ones I tossed because they were no longer usable! My sister teases me about my never ending quest for that perfect bag!

Now the irony of that for me is that, handbag lover that I am, I have an innate issue with spending more than, say $500.00 for a handbag (The most expensive bag I own is a $250 and change leather Coach). I also have a real aversion to "hardware" bags that seem to be all the fashion today, bags so festooned with metal circles and studs that it looks like a hardware store upchucked on them!

I tend to be a Coach bag type of gal -- at least the Classic Coach type. I favor a simple, practical elegance -- when it comes to bags, you can keep the bling, thanks.

That being said you can imagine how my heart quickened when I saw this:

Lamarthe plum leather 'DrĂ´le de Celtique' basket bag $255.00 on Bluefly

I have to admit I'd never heard of Lamarthe, but once I saw the above bag I Googled it quickly and surfed on over to their website.

The site, like their bags, is exactly what I like -- well designed elegance. And at such reasonable prices - what's not to love?

Do yourself a favor and go check them out.

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