Saturday, January 06, 2007

Get on over to Wardrobe 911....

And continue your fashion education!

Wardrobe 911

Teresa has three great new posts on the following:

1. Ever wonder why the hell you're one size in one store and another one in the store right next door? Ms. Teresa gives the 411 on the noxious Vanity Sizing scam that dominates women's clothing (I've already stated my disdain for this custom in a previous post).

She's got my vote on going back to the future on sizing. We've put a man on the moon, and a woman in as Speaker of the House - surely we can get sizing for women's clothes standardized as men's are!

2. Great outfit tips for the inverted triangle figure.

3. Every wonder WHAT those little icons on the fabric care tag mean? Ms. Teresa breaks it down for you with some bonus advice on when Dry Clean is really Dry Clean!

Get on over and get schooled!

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