Monday, January 15, 2007

Art to go....

As I've said before, I'm a HUGE fan of what I call "accessible art" -- art you can either wear or carry with you on a day to day basis. It can lift both your spirits and the spirits of those around you who see it -- or at the very least, start some very interesting conversations! of late has several examples of just such "art-to-go":

Change your wallet as often as you change your purse

I went over to this site and I gotta tell you I dig the concept! And as soon as my finances get back on solid ground I have every intention of picking up a couple (or maybe even the 4 for $50 deal!).

If you do decide to get one, treat it right -- you'll never know what the future will bring for these artists - you could be carrying around a future Picasso in your purse!

Give those white earbuds something extra

Personally, I find those ear buds to be extremely uncomfortable so I don't use mine. But if you do, here's a cute way to dress them up!

Movie billboards make a fashion statement

If you're a big time movie fan or have one in your life, these totes (they have messenger bags as well) can be a fun and practical addition to your bag wardrobe or a great gift. I really like the unusual styling of the Billboard bag - sleek but looks like it can hold quite a bit!

Plus saving a tree and keeping down the landfills? What's not to love?

And now I better get goin' - the old salt mine beckons!

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