Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dressing for Power....

An interesting article from The New York Times on how the women of Congress address the "what to wear to work" issue...

Speaking Chic to Power

And yes I know -- it's beyond irritating that the minute a woman moves into a position perceived to be powerful, one of the first things everyone starts talking about is "what is she wearing?". But, like her politics or not, it looks like Ms. Nancy is not going into that good night looking like she's in mourning -- and I think that's a tip all of us 50+ gals should take to heart!

And what a rare treat to see pictures of well-dressed women over 35 in the press -- really you'd think that after a certain age, nothing a woman could be wearing could be worth seeing!

Regarding wearing color, I don't know about you but I find myself becoming tentative about wearing color as I age, fearful of looking like a clown or worse calling attention to myself as if that is crime! I think I need to catch myself on that!

Anyway....Check the article out. It's interesting to hear the dressing challenges these ladies face in their job and how they tackle them. Their solutions can work for anyone who has to face their closet every morning before they head out to work.

Many thanks to Papierblog for the heads up on the Times article!

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