Thursday, January 04, 2007

Skip over to New York Magazine...

And do a little vicarious shopping as one of their intrepid editors goes on a shopping tour of the new wide jean trend:

The Find: Wide-Leg Jeans

As I've stated here before without hesitation the passing of the skinny jean trend can't go a moment too soon in my book (hopefully to take their homey the bubble skirt with 'em). And it's interesting to see how many different ways a style can be done - and at what price points (316 dollars for a pair of jeans!!!! Wowser! Everything is more expensive in the Big Apple!)!

Ironically one of the two pairs the editor liked the best were "only" $58.00 -- a price that still makes this 60s girl's head spin!

Guess money really isn't everything. Anyway, enjoy!

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