Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Forth and Towne Inches into the 21st Century....

By offering order by phone!

Look, I love Forth and Towne - even through I've yet to buy any of their clothes. Their clothes offer a quintessential easily polished and poised style - they bring to mind Jackie Kennedy on her best day. Just the kind of togs many 50+ Fashionistas are seeking!

For example - Their Spring Essentials:

I'm instantly in love with the collared blouse:

Sateen Button Down Blouse - $48.00

And the boot cut trousers!:

Bootcut Pant = $98.00

And as you can see, the prices, while not cheap, are certainly within reach.

But they only have a few stores which can only be found out in the far burbs and, up until today, there was no way to order their clothes.

But what should show up in my e-mail today but - ta-da!

Now I don't know why Forth and Towne seems to have such a tentative attitude towards allowing true online ordering on their site. Especially since they are a division of The Gap - on who's site you can order anything shown!

That being said, I'm thrilled at the possibility of at least calling in an order - through I still intend to make the trek up to their Skokie store to check them out in person!

(Note: To those overseas - it's not clear on their site whether or not they will do overseas shipping, but since you'll have to call anyway, be sure to ask that first thing!)

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