Monday, December 31, 2007

Wondering how to get that polished look?....

Then hook it up with Ms. Allie over at Wardrobe Oxygen where she is holding a master class on polished style:

How Does One Get the Polished Look?

And while you're there do check out the following post as well...

Chronique Couture - Trés Chic for the Chronically Unique

In addition to all the time spent lately in hospital waiting rooms with my parents, I work in a hospital (on the admin side). So I have had many occasions to see women who are bravely and stoically facing down serious health challenges that take a toil on body and soul. I myself had been thinking about how to address their fashion issues - so I'm happy to learn that someone is already on it!

The site is lovely with many products that can give comfort and style whether you are facing illness or not!

So go on over and give the ladies at Chronique Courture some link love! ;-)

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