Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Beijo Bag....

Just might be my birthday present to myself this year....

Adorable Allure

Faithfully Yours

Strike A Pose

The gorgeous bags above are designed by California-based designer Susan Handley, Beijo's founder. According to the website (Beijo Bags ) prices range from $69.00 - $89.00. The intention of this pricing structure is to ensure affordability and to leave less incentive for knock-offs (Makers of $1000+ handbags take note). They also have an interesting distribution model - the bags are sold at home parties (a la Tupperware) and trade shows only.

Check out the video with Susan talking about her favorite Beijo bags , What's in Susan's Closet?.

I like the thought she's put into each bag -- it's nice to hear a designer talking about bag design from the point of view of real women using the bag in practical ways.

My only concern about the bags are the lovely pearlescent finish - I'm tough on a bag and I'm just a bit afraid that finish might not be able to survive!

That being said, my fav?:

First Impression

As it doesn't appear that I will be able to make it to any of the trade shows, I'm going to try to contact one of the three sales repts in my area to see how I go about ordering one.

I'll let you know how it turns out!

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