Sunday, December 02, 2007

I got to thinking....

About the whole Facebook thing as a portal to giving you, gentle reader, access to view my favorite Zazzle galleries.

As I played around with it some more I realized that there was no way to see my Facebook without creating a Facebook profile of your own.

So I've come up with an alternative approach. Click the following link and you will go directly to my Favorites page on Zazzle:

Fab50Plus Zazzle Favorites

Sadly, Zazzle does not give you a lot of control over the favorites page, so I can't rearrange how the graphics appear. But you can narrow down somewhat by clicking on the type of item you want to see (Cards, mugs, etc.)

I think this will make it a bit easier! And if you're a Facebooker, you can still find my favorite galleries by clicking the Facebook link to the left.

PLEASE NOTE: If you click the Home link on my favorites page this is what you'll see:

In order to get the Favorites page to work, I had to create something myself! :-/

Go figure!

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