Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ah the Holidays.....

And with them the obligatory holiday parties! At..


Well do not despair! (Easy for me to say -- I've dodged the bullet on all those fronts - everyone, including my job, is going for a much more casual holiday celebration this year!) There are plenty of great tips and guides on the Web for making it through the Holiday season with your dignity and sanity intact on the clothes front!

Over at youlookfab Ms. Angie has a cornucopia of holiday fashion advice.

But do yourself a favor and start off with her Cheat sheet: the holiday party. Trust me, you'll save yourself a lot of grief when shopping for that must have party outfit!

Once Ms. Angie has you properly prepped, slide on by the following for a few more holiday dressing tips and suggestions:

Over at Wardrobe 911 Ms. Teresa gets you prepped:

How to wear: velvet jackets

Velvet jackets are all over as usual this holiday season - learn how to wear it well!

what to wear: casual holiday party

Great outfit - comfortable with just enough glint for the holidays! But I'd probably opt for a top more like this with my 50+ self...I'm not sure my shoulders could bear that much bearing! ;- )

ALLOY CHARMEUSE SQUARENECK - $32.50 - $34.50, sizes X-Small - 3XL

(Yes I know, is actually targeted at ladies much below 50. But they have many an item that would work well for the 50+ lady - the above being a case in point. I'll post more on Alloy later! ; - ) )

The Glam Gals over at Fabulous after 40 are giving tips on finding the perfect little black dress...

7 Top Tips for How to Buy and Wear the Perfect Little Black Dress

If Plus Dressing is your challenge, The Pretty Pear has some lovely suggestions. I especially like the tux pants!

So very glam!

If dressing your petite frame is the challenge, The Budget Fashionista has you covered:

Petite Fashion: The Holiday Dress

Even if you have the dual challenge of being plus sized and petite (Baby, I know your pain!)

Now get out there ladies and make the 2007 holiday a glam one! ; - )

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