Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Heart....

Radley Handbags:


Lapsang Large Tote

Waldorf Large Shoulder

Foothills Medium Tote

Tulsi A4 Tote

As anyone who reads here has probably figured out, I have no love of "bling" bags. I like mine clean lined and elegant (okay, some might say boring, but I don't think the bag should be getting all the attention when you walk down the street! Might as well carry a billboard - at least there's some cash in it for you!) and Radley fits the bill with just the right bit of whimsy to give them just the right bit of humor.

Sadly, Radley doesn't love the colonies so much - they only ship in the UK and the Channel Islands (did you know there are islands in the English Channel? Nether did I until I Wiki'ed them. If you're curious too, here's the link Channel Islands).

They don't even ship to Ireland! Now WHAT is up with that?

However, thanks to the Internet,of course, there are some third party sellers like Gregory's Leather who do sell these bags and ship internationally. I haven't dealt with any of them as yet, so I can't swear by them. But if you find these bags as delightful as I do, they might be worth a check out!

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