Monday, September 03, 2007

I can't believe....

That it has been a little bit over a year since I started this blog!

That's a lot of fashion and style blogs, articles and magazines under the bridge! Much of it wonderful and illuminating, by the way.

And what have I learned?


1. That you really do disappear in the minds of retailers and designers as you grow older (case in point - the closing of Forth and Towne a store aimed at women well over the age of consent!)

2. That that disinterest is happening just at the time that, because of the changes in the 50+ woman's body and her life in general, she needs her clothes to serve her well now more than ever.

3. That if you are going to have style as a post 50+ woman, you damn well are going to have to develop it for yourself - 'cause you won't see many "role models" in the media to base your style choices on (Actually, considering the role models that are out there in the media for young women - Paris, Nicole, etc. - we might well be getting the better part of that deal!).

And the few that are presented to you as the post 50 woman, more than likely won't look much like you or many of the other post 50 women you know!

The long and short of it is that when it comes to fashion, the 50+ woman is pretty much on her own. And that might not be an altogether bad thing (Yeah, I know, I just HAVE to try to find a pony under all that shit!).

It's going to mean that what ever answer you come up with to give you the satisfaction that the face you present to the world is the one that really reflects who you are now. Yes, it's going to be through a lot of hard work (yeah, along with everything else you've got to do these days), some painful soul searching, and some very painful reality checks (there's going to have to be peace in our time with our new, post 50 bodies - and no, I can't say that enough!) - but it's going to be your choice - not some stylist or designer or TV talking head.

And believe me if you and I (because, trust me, I'm NOT there yet and I've got a long way to go) can stick it out to do that, whatever that style choice turns out to be, our clothing will rest lightly, well and beautifully on our shoulders.

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