Sunday, September 02, 2007

Around the Web....

I'm sooooo behind on my web surfing that I've finally given up and decided to give you, dear reader, the heads up on some of my favorite web round ups for the week.

Be warned, this list is wildly diverse - just the right kind of web surfing! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll say "What the he@#!"


From Spork Fashion

Weekly Fashion Blog Bazaar

From 55 Secret Street

Web Snob Week

From Kristopher Dukes

Web Snob - Because I'm a Snob Offline Too

From Fab Sugar

Friday Fab News Roundup!

From Fashiontribes

Weekly Web Snob Roundup

From Second City Style

Blog Therapy Fridays

From Bag Snob

Web Snob

From Faking Good Breeding

Saturday's Best of Blogs

And last, but certainly not least, from the incomparable Manolo's Shoe Blog a double web round up treat:

Weekend Blogging

Manolos Friday Miscellany

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