Monday, September 17, 2007

Speaking of Designer Inspired Bags...

In an earlier post, I talked about the move of "inspired by" handbags from PVA to leather.

Looks like it might just be a trend....

This care of the banging Bag Bliss:

Accessories de Mademoiselle - The Inspired by Hermes Birkin Bag

I love the Birkin bag (through I'll never be able to afford one) and I like this take on it. Not as refined, it has a kind of rough, casual edge that would work well with jeans or even as a work bag:

I love the inside:

And at $378.00, it's a price point many budgets can take!

Kudos to Bag Bliss for pointing this bag out and acknowledging that not everyone can afford a $500+ handbag!

Nice as the Birkin take off is, I think the following bag is a just about dead on take on the Kelly:

Large Leather Bag - $210.00

I love the braiding on the straps - gives this quintessential "lady like" bag just the right bit of edge! And once again, at this price it's a bag many can actually afford!

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