Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Okay, I just couldn't resist....

So far I have more or less avoided a lot of coverage here on the seasonal runway shows.

Frankly, I find the whole thing somewhat overwhelming. And with so much excellent coverage else where on the web (Fashiontrbes has done an outstanding job this year covering the runway), it just seemed redundant to try to follow it myself - especially since my lowly self is not an attendee!

However, of late I've given it a bit of thought and decided that the one thing no one seems to do is comment on the season from the 50+ woman's perspective. So I've decided to:

1. Give you the front row seat you deserve by posting some of the great show video from Style.com. You'll now see it to the right under Front Row.

2. Create a public lookbook on Style.com (I tell you, they rock the house as a source for all things runway) containing my favorite picks from the Spring 2008 shows. You can check it out at Fab50Plus' Spring 2008 Favs . I also have the link posted under My Look Books to the right.

I'll also try to do a post for each designer I particularly liked with pics of my absolute fav of the fav of their collections. If there is video available of the actually show I will also post that for a short time as well.

I hope you will find this approach both interesting and helpful!

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