Sunday, September 09, 2007

An interview with Giorgio Armaini....

In which he talks about his re-vised and revamped online presence, on his future and the future of the Armani brand...

Giorgio Armani Talks About Online Fashion, Power Dressing Now, and the Future of Armani

His answers are as well thought out as his clothes. The site is equally well designed - I especially like the fact that he provides very clear views of both the front and back of each garment along with a very detailed zoom in view. Check it out at:

Emporio Armani

I've always loved Armani suits on men, but had never really thought about him in terms of women's clothes until recently - especially with the introduction of his Alfani line at Macy's. The well tailored, yet comfortable lines of his clothes are ready made for the 50+ woman!

From the interview, it sounds like he is not planning to miss a step as he moves into the future - I'd say at 70 or so, he is a great example of how the fire in the belly doesn't necessarily cool with age!

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