Friday, April 27, 2007

Okay Time for Some Fashion Fun!

If you're anything like me, you love shopping - even if you don't do any buying. That's one of the many things I love about the Internet - you can shop all day, even put the things you lust after in the shopping cart - and then not buy a thing! (Amazon, you rock!)

So it makes me just down right happy to have another place to dream shop....


Not only it it a great looking site, it allows you to search for items from 40 retailers which, according to their faq, encompasses "major department stores, mall retailers/boutiques, and designer-focused websites like Bluefly and ShopBop." They also state they are adding more stores every week.

The site is broken down by Women, Men, Teens, Kids and Baby (which I thought was pretty don't see too many shopping sites of this type that cover ALL age groups!) and, because they just plain need their own category, Shoes.

And, Hallelujah, they have both Plus and Petite size sections!

Navigation on this site is crazy easy and you can drill down by Brand, Store, Sale (WooHoo!), Price and Size.

And to make it just a bit sweeter, you can create an account and save your favs to your own stylebook. From there you can create looks from the items in your stylebook - so you can put those shoes that seemed so right with the dress you loved to see if they really are meant for each other!

And I love the fact that they also provide code for those of us who blog that will allow you to place a look on your blog! (You KNOW you'll be seeing some from me here! ; - ) )

All in all, definitely worth a visit!

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