Sunday, April 29, 2007

Speaking of the Fab Manolo....

He's on a roll regarding fab flats....

Manolo the Columnist - Stylist Low-heels for Dog Handling

Personally, these would be stylish for just about anything! I love the look and the low heel - they look potentially crazy comfy! The price tag, though, raises my hair higher than the heels -- $221.00! And that's on sale! : - O

Flats Fast!

Oh boy, do I feel this fashionista's pain! I too have plantar fascitis issues and her description of what it feels like when it's on a tear is right on!

The shoe savvy Manolo runs right into the breach with several suggestions. I find the last one somewhat questionable - unless you're planning on accompanying Dorothy on a return trip to Oz! But hey, even the wise Manolo can stumble once in a while! ; - )

Chloe Luggage Leather Ballet Flats

Very cute...and very expensive at $480.00! These puppies had better be handmade for those dollars!

And, following up on my last comment....


Manolo, I love ya babe, but guess what? Most of us do not have $500.00 min to spend on shoes, no matter how fabulous! Carrie Bradshaw probably 90% of us are not!

Admittedly, now that I'm "of an age", I can't actually get away with really cheap shoes any more. Still, I keep my shoe prices somewhere between $50.00 - $100.00 - and lately, I've been working DSW real hard to get the best shoes I can within those numbers!

So Manolo, darling, take a chill pill. It's not that we don't appreciate a lovely shoe - it's just that we have these silly little things like rent/mortgage, food, clothing, feeding children, etc, to consider first.

And just remember -- if you're seeing Payless shoes on the runway, things can't be all that bad! ; - )

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