Saturday, April 14, 2007

Great Stores are.....


Over at You Look Fab Ms. Angie has a glowing tribute to what is obviously her favorite store...

A Tribute to Nordstrom

I have to confess I have never shopped nor purchased at Nordstrom. I was raised a Marshall Field's brat (Ah, Field's of blessed memory) and Nordstrom, in my mind, is a new comer to Chi-town, since they only recently (within the last 10 years or so) opened a store on the near North side - finally making themselves accessable to folks who don't live in the burbs! They also opened a outlet right on State Street - making up for lost time I guess!

Still I have heard nothing over the years but good things about the store and I have to say that the last time my sister and I were downtown, we were peeking in the outlet store window as we rushed pass -- and promised ourselves that we would stop in the next time we were in the Loop and had some time. I also admire their online site - which has a beautiful Plus Size section.

Looks like it's past time for me to make a real visit to Nordstrom's to judge for myself! ; - )

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Marty: said...

Nordstrom is the best. Best service, best selection in plus sizes (west of the Mississippi), best return policy. I shop elsewhere, but I come back to Nordstorm.