Friday, April 13, 2007

Over at Wardrode 911....

Ms. T. gives an example of K.I.S.S.:

minimal style

Now, I'm not a big fan of the whole "Ohhh, lets look to see what celebs are wearing so we can decide what to wear!" trend that seems to be rampant these days (Yeah, give me a moment to let my inner curmudgeon come forth!). But, as ever, Ms. T uses the example well with a sharp eye.

As ever, ladies, when in doubt, pear down! You may run the risk of being a tad boring - but you'll never run the risk of being more than a tad ridiculous!

Now my favorite over 50 celeb example of the minimalist - Diane Kenton!

Admittedly, she has a crazy love for belts of all kinds and a love of plaid I can't quite get on board with - but she keeps everything else so straight forward that most of the time she pulls them off without looking all the way over the top!

Check out some samples of minimal Kenton style at the following links:

Gallery at the Diane Kenton International Site

Fan Photos at So

Yes the plaid coat IS a bit scary - but hey, she makes it work! ; - )

Diane Keaton Pics

On a men's site - believe it or not! And don't you just love the red with the white! Simple and bold all at once - what a combo!

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