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Balenciaga Edition Fall Winter 2008 - 2009

Very interesting concept!

Balenciaga raised eyebrows during the Fall 2008 shows with their rework of the LBD:

(Personally I think it looks a bit like your dress got into a knife fight prior to you wearing it to dinner...but that's just me!)

But I think this revisiting of classic looks is even more interesing....

Balenciaga Fall 1965 - Gazar Sleeveless Dress with Ruffle

Balenciaga Fall 1967 Wool Coat with Wood Buttons and Lined with Taffeta

Balenciaga Fall 1958 - Silk Scarf with Lace Ruffles at the Edges

Balenciaga Spring 1940 - Crepe Shirt Blased with Organza

Blaenciaga Spring 1958 - Checked Wool Rounded Shape Short Jacket

Balenciaga Spring 1961 - Checked Wool Wrap over Skirt with Two Pockets

Balenciaga Spring 1966 - Double Range Crystal Necklace

Balenciaga Spring 1959 - Strass and Pearl Flower Necklace

What I find amazing and wonderful about these designs is that, through they span different eras, they could all be reproduced today as is and feel perfectly modern.

What a perfect example of classic style.


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