Monday, August 25, 2008

One of my favorite fashion blogs...

Is the Adventures of an Urban Socialite. She specializes in featuring up and coming or off the radar designers with a definite cutting edge. More often than not intriguing, never boring, reading her helps keep my fashion chops sharp!

Sadly, most of what she features is usually cut too young for the 50+ woman to pull off (with her dignity intact that is!)so I rarely link out to her featured designers.

But every once and a while the cutting edge is right up my alley -

Dit-u see that?

Now admittedly, some of the skin tight skirt action is a bit too much for the 50+ gal. But the butterfly sleeved knit tops are dreamily beautiful and easily pulled off by the 50+ femme!

CHREE-ative design

Can you say future classic? Amazing clean lines with unexpected details that make you go "Wow" not "WTF!". If you one of the more intrepid boomer dressers (oh and skinny, don't forget skinny), do yourself a favor and check CRHEE out - hell check it out anyway just for the pleasure of looking at the designs! ;-)

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Sherrie Mathieson said...

I agree that some of these clothes can easily be worn by a thin 50, even 6o year old.We all age differently-and have different budgets.
I work as a style consultant ( and have authored 2 books on boomer style (the next is due April, 2009 , Random House)and I believe that high-style simplicity is modern and youthful.