Monday, September 01, 2008

I Heart.....


J.Jill is one of those wonderful under the radar women's clothiers who specialize in a style of soft tailoring that looks great on a wide range of women. The clothes have great quality (which I felt, but was confirmed for me when the wonderful lady who does my alterations commented to me on the excellent quality of the pants she just altered for me!)

But trust me, it's a love affair that did not start out well! The first there was the fact that J.Jill, while offering a full line of plus sized styles, does not stock plus sized items in their stores (an appalling trend currently reflected in many but the large retail stores like Macy's). Then the first couple of items I ordered online simply did not fit and no amount of alternation was going to fix it!

To be honest, I almost gave up. But I liked the styles so much that I decided to give it one more go - and third time, I guess, is the charm! Except for waist and length (hey I'm pear shaped and short so that is almost always an issue) the pants fit me great in the hips and also to my amazement, the rise was perfect!

I've received many complements on my J.Jill pieces. More importantly, I feel and look great when I wear them - which is the most important thing of all!

So if you, like me, tend to be a sporty/tailored kind of gal, check J.Jill out!

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