Sunday, August 03, 2008

Even through it's still summer....

The Fall stuff is hitting the stores and the web right now!

So let's get started taking a sharp (I hope!) eye at what the retailers are offering that might work in the 50+ lady's closet!

Starting out of the gate - Banana Republic...

Paisley Cardigan and Pencil Skirt

Belted Sweater and Wide Leg Pant

Sleeveless Origami Knit Dress - $150.00

BR Monogram Blazer and Wide Leg Pant

BR Monogram Blazer and Pencil Skirt

BR Monogram Trenchcoat and Dress

Trenchcoat and Wide Leg Pant

Yes, yes I know. I usually ignore BR - frankly mostly because I resent the fact that they don't offer their clothes in plus sizes (for some reason, they think that being tall - which admittedly can be quite a dressing challenge in and of itself - is more of an issue for the modern American woman than finding good tailored clothes in plus sizes - NOT!). There's also the issue with the closing of Forth and Towne - a MAJOR mistake if you ask me!

But looking at these outfits, I can't turn a blind eye to their sleek stylishness - just the sort of bedrock pieces a 50+ gal can build on! As long as the frame you're building on doesn't require a size larger than 16!

And by the by....Their Fall handbag collection is not lookin' too shabby either! Skip over to my bag bog -Bag Sanity - for all my picks.

But between you and me...I'm thinking of making space in my closet for this lovely...

Robson Hexagonal Tote - $260.00

I've been longing for a gray bag just this color for awhile now - and this one might just fit the bill! Note that this color is only available online.

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