Sunday, August 31, 2008

Okay let's face it....

As you get older, your eyes do too...and suddenly reading glasses become one of your best friends! That is if you want those letters on the page to stop resembling marching ants!

So since sooner or later you gotta wear them...why not do it in style...

icu Eyewear

A couple of my favs...

Modern Geometric Patterned Full Oval w/case

Fun, Funky 60s and fab!

Slim Rectangle with Etched Stem

Classy - but at $62.95 class will cost ya!

Soft Cat Eye w/Rhinestones

What can I say - the 50's born girl in me just thinks they're fab!

So if you keep saying, "Why do they make this type so small" join us here in Realville and skip on over to icu Eyeware - see what you're doing and look good in the process!

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