Saturday, August 16, 2008


Her Forced Retirement

I have to say, the Sigrid was not my favorite among the Liz Claiborne stable, but I did buy a couple of pieces from that line and I know it had a loyal following.

Moreover it is yet one more disheartening case of a clothing maker who seems to want to run from the boomer woman as if we all had the plague! Even more so when it is the company that Liz Claiborne started specifically because she wanted to provide reasonably priced, quality garments for the professional working woman - of which we boomers make up a large segment!

I will be posting later on some of the changes I've noticed going on over at the Liz Claiborne website as a mere observer and long time fan of the LC brand - and in fairness I will say now that I have tentatively liked what's going on so far.

However, I find it disappointing that they appear to have treated the woman behind the Sigrid line and it's fans with so little regard - not the type of behavior I would have expected from this iconic woman's brand.

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