Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wondering what the "hot" colors will be for Fall '08?

If so, skip over to Coutorture and check out the Fall '08 color report from Pantone:


For anyone who may not know, Pantone is THE color design company, not only for fashion but for design of all kinds (print, products, paint, etc). The blue of Tiffany's bags and boxes? - a trademarked Pantone color. (For more on that, check out the entry on Tiffany Blue on Wikipedia at the following link: Tiffany Blue. For more on Pantone skip over to their very colorful site at Pantone.com)

My favorites of the lot? “Stargazer” and “Carafe” (through I must admit, blue is my favorite color already, so Stargazer is not a reach for me!).

So take a look at what colors clothes will be coming in this Fall. Even it you hate them all, at least you'll have a chance to think about how, if any, of these colors could work with your wardrobe -- if you just have to buy something this Fall!

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