Sunday, February 18, 2007

Over at The Sartorialist....

Scott has posted this pic - a great example of mature style....

Deep Style

You'll have to go to the bottom of the page -The Sartorialist - to find the post and see the other pic of this lady. I'm not too sure about the outfit in the other picture he has of this same woman - to me that one is struggling.

But this one is dead on - very casual, yet quite stylish as well. I love the brown coat and the handbag really centers the outfit -- it reminds me of this one over at Forzieri:

Pratesi Cherry Classic Leather Flap Handbag - $295.00

More importantly, in both pictures, is this lady's manner -- she's comfortable in her own skin and it shows. That confidence makes the outfit - she isn't second guessing or doubting herself.

THAT'S the way to walk through the world - and if you do, you'll make just about any outfit work!

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