Monday, February 26, 2007

And while we're on the issue of size....

Check out the following post on Styledash....

Plus size Elisabeth stores closing

Personally, I'm glad that the two sites are consolidating - I aways felt irritated that when you clicked the plus size link on the Liz Clairborne site you got shuttled away to the Elizabeth site. It was as if to say "Opps, your one of THOSE women - begone with you to the plus size ghetto!"

Note that I love the Liz Clairborne line for all sizes - they are great, classic clothes. But I find the claim that they can't make a buck selling plus size clothes disingenuous at best.

It MIGHT help if they advertised that they do have this great plus size line! They have 2 2 page adds in both Vogue and Instyle this month (Not in Harpers Bazaar through - interesting, given that Harpers, in my opinion, is a better mag than Vogue. But I digress....) and nether gave the impression that they are marketing to women in a wide range of sizes!

The answer to the question at the end of the post is that plus size women don't want to buy less clothes per se - it just takes so much more time for them to find the clothes that they probably do end up buying less! And Liz C is not the only ones guilty of hiding their plus size light under a bushel basket - Jones of NY has a great plus size line as does Nine West (My sister brought an absolutely beautiful blouse from their line at Macy's which she loves and looks fab on her!) - but have you ever seen their plus lines advertised in the "fashion" mags?

The same applies to 50+ plus gals in general - the only lines I've seen that actually market in a way that says "come on by" is J Jill and Eileen Fisher (Chico's probably does as well).

ANYWAY....Let's focus on the positive here - MARCH SALE!

So if you are lucky enough to have a Elisabeth store nearby and you're a lovely plus size lady, stop on by. It will be a great chance to pick up some of those staples (pants, shirts, jackets, etc.) that your closet just might be short on!

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