Thursday, February 08, 2007

Managing that new body.....

Feel like ever since you turned 50, your body has become the enemy?

If you feel like you're the only one, skip over to the following post on the Well Past 50 blog:

Boomer Advice Needed

My heart broke for this lady too and I'm struggling to think of what I could say that would be of comfort. God knows I know what it is like to go through body changes -- from being a skinny mini most of my life to a size 18W. I'm still unsure sometimes who that woman is in my mirror. Funny how middle age is a lot like adolescence - all of a sudden you've got this new body - and you have no idea what to do with it!

Thankfully, at least 3 readers did know what to say -- so be sure to read the posts following the letter. After reading them, I felt the walkaways were this:

1. Make peace with the body you have now - not a surrender, mind you, but an acknowledgement that it is what it is today. Change it if you want to or need to or can (because sometimes, for all kinds of reasons, you can't), but NOT because you feel you are worth less because of it - 'cause you're not - never forget that!

2. Be good to yourself as you are right now - treat yourself with respect by making the best of what you do have and, believe me, we all have something that is worth smiling about. Find it and honor it.

3. Educate yourself on the body you have now and how best to dress it. Don't worry about "fashion" or dress size -- just concentrate on what looks and feels good on you.

I know - not easy things to remember when you've had a bad, toss and turn night and wake-up with bags under your eyes that make you think you can use them for your stuff, thereby leaving your handbag at home, and the whole world (especially those making clothes) are acting as though you disappeared the moment you turned 50 - but worth remembering.

That is, if I can remember where I put my keys first! ; - )

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