Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fashion Week Fall '07 -- Oh God, Is It Lent Again?

It a appears that while I was obsessing over my, perhaps overlong, shirt dress post, Olympus Fashion Week New York has started.

Now in the brief time I've started paying attention again to "fashion", I've already developed a conflicted view of the Fashion Weeks cycle.

On one hand the girl in me loves seeing all the new clothes - a never-ending Barbie doll procession.

The woman in me, however, grumbles under her breath about the fact that most of it she can neither 1) Wear or 2) Afford or both. And the sheer magnitude of the number of shows make it almost impossible to really figure out what's what with next seasons trends -- many of which has no relation at all to the everyday life of the females they are supposedly being designed for anyway.

That being said, of course I'm going to read up on what's going on. And to make that a bit more manageable I'm going to follow the following strategy:

1. Hit The Budget Fashionista 'cause she's hitting the tents and doing her always excellent reporting.

2. Create a Lookbook on Many thanks to one of my favs, StyleDash for the heads up on this one. This will give me a chance to group looks I like in one place - and will probably teach me a lot about what I like in today's clothing.

Fun and a learning experience? I'm on board for that!

3. Keep an eye on The Sartorialist for great back of the tents, on the street images - you'll probably pick-up better style tips checking out what real folks are wearing than checking out the runways!

(By the way, if you've ever seen the movie Ladyhawke, you'll get my lent reference. if not - see the movie, it's great!)

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