Monday, February 04, 2008

Okay, It's NY Fashion Week....


This time Fall 2008 is up! Having tried to keep up with Fashion Week in the past with an eye on commentating on it here, I've pretty much given it up as a bad job on my part -- because I HAVE a job and I just don't have the time or the heart to try to get over to and view every single show!

However I realize that you, gentle reader, might still be full of enthusiasm for this seasonal fashion madness...

So American Express (believe it or not!) to the rescue!...

American Express Fashion Network

American Express is literally giving you a a front row seat this year to Fashion Week! AE is providing live feeds of shows on the above link and I have to say ladies, it is amazing to be able to sit in your jammies (As I am right now as I continue to battle the mother of all colds!) and view these shows as if you were there - with out the irritation of squeezing into the tents!

Even better, if you miss the live feed you can look under Shows in the drop down menu and catch shows that you missed!

What am I loving so far?.....


I loved the shoes that ABAETE designed for Payless, so I've keep half an eye on their shows for the past couple of seasons. For Fall 2008, ABAETE really delivers with plenty of pieces a 50+ lady can add to her closet! You can see pics of the whole collection at the link above.

What did I love?.....

Okay, on this one....I'm not mad for the cut off pants - it's the jacket I think is fab! It can go over a pair of trouser pants or a dead on pencil skirt and rock them both!

This leather jacket is the bomb! Love the lenght, love the cut...if you can take a look at the runway show, check out the back - I loved the tailoring!

I'm not usually a fan of stuff hanging out from your skirt (always makes me think of my mom telling me to pull up my slip!), but for some reason this works for me. And once again, a great jacket!

I love the cut of this coat!

I know, I know - all these off shoulder blouses. But I know there are some post 50 ladies that can pull that off! And come on - we can all work the skirt! ;-)

The hem a couple of inches lower - winner for a night out!

I tend to wonder when I see the clothes presented during Fashion Week, what of those styles will find their way to where most of us shop - the Macy's, J. C. Penney's and Targets of the world! I predict that this layered sweater look will definitely find it's way into the main stream this fall. I know a lot of designers have been trying to make this short sleeve sweater over a long sleeve sweater work for a couple of seasons, but I think this is the best expression of that look that I've seen so far and one that can work for a wide variety of women.


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