Monday, February 04, 2008

Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2008 RTW....

Okay before I praise I have to ask: Diane what the *@$%& was up with those skinny little belts?!?!?

It was like in a moment of "these are on sale" madness she brought a crap load of them - then asked herself, what the fu*k do I do with these? Oh wait I know - I've go that Fall '08 RTW show coming up - I'll use them then!

Needless to say I was NOT a big fan - for the most part I thought they made the outfits look down right messy - like the girls had gotten dressed drunk and in the dark!

Sigh...okay now that I've gotten THAT off my chest...on to the winners from DVF's offerings...

(You can see pics of the whole show here
Diane Von Furstenberg - and judge for yourself!)

Yes I know after all I just said - but those damn belts were everywhere! In the case of the above two outfits it's actually the jacket and coat that I loved. Too bad you couldn't see them in their full glory thanks to the stupid belts! :-p

Okay, let me explain these two (and you know if you have to explain an outfit...). Personally, I think there's just too much going on as whole outfits. However...if you take the pieces on their own, mixing and matching them with other pieces (the coat is wonderful, the sweater set without the belt, the sweater with some other skirt or maybe with the skirt just without the coat) they work and are lovely!

Now if you simply must have those belts - the following outfits show how to do it right...

(Watching the runway show I felt for this poor little girl - that big bag nearly pulled her over!)

Love the colors, love the cut - and yes with this one I even loved the belt!

Just loved this skirt! And the colors and patterns are eye catching without being overtly loud.

This particular pic doesn't actually do full justice to this outfit - it's just beautiful!

Perfection. The quintessential DVF dress and one any woman can wear with elan!


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