Tuesday, November 13, 2007


After all that tis, tising about how foolish the Gap was to try and market directly to the boomer woman, it looks like others are trying to slink into the market....

Ann Taylor Said to Plan Boomer Unit

Along with Bloomingdales' Quotation department, it seems that retailers are finally figuring out that there's gold in us "over the hill" boomers! (Think I'll go check out the Bloomies near my job - maybe they have this section and I can see for myself what they're offering!)

We'll see if Ann Taylor has more of a stomach for it than the Gap which just plain baled on the concept to try and shore up their other failing stores! (Even through, from what I hear, Forth and Towne was actually making money! Go figure!) Considering how allergic they appear to be in their current stores to stocking sizes over 16, it will be interesting to see if they can conceive of carrying a size 20!

Thanks to Fabulous After 40 for the head's up!

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