Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fab50Plus is now on Facebook!....

Believe it or not!

Chalk it up to my oldest nephew! (This is why it's good to have young people in your life!) I'd joined Facebook as a lark but in all honesty just didn't get it!

Then my nephew joined -- and what should I receive but an invite to join his friends!

What was an aunt to do -- but get on and get with the program! And guess what - I'm actually having great fun as my sister and my other nieces and nephews have joined as well! It really is a great way to keep in touch throughout the day!

Then I remembered that Zazzle had worked a deal with MySpace and Facebook to enable associates to feature different Zazzle designer/contributors on a MySpace or Facebook page!

As you know, periodically, I post designs I find on Zazzle that I feel fit the theme of this blog - fashion and fashionable aging! But I can't really post all the great designs I come across here - after all we're talking clothes and accessories here, not art per se!

So I figured that the Facebook page would be a great place for me to feature the Zazzle designers I think are creating great fashion and style related graphics! So I jumped in and created a Facebook for Fab50Plus!

In addition, I'm going to add any fun fashion related applications to the Fab50Plus page - so you can have some fun as well! (Check out the My Fab Bag app I've already added - it gives you virtual dollars to create a virtual handbag collection. You might be surprised what you would buy if you had the dollars to do so! I'm certainly surprising myself! ;-) )

To get there just click the link to the right - and join as a friend!

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