Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sometimes a handbag.....

Really is worth the price.

I put these in that category:

Stephanie Waddell Bowler Handbag $368.00

The form of the bag is just classic and the pattern is so lovely and timeless, it's a bag you could carry anywhere. I don't think it could ever grow old and it's a bag you can be proud to hand down to the next generation!

And you can pop this right into it:

Flip & Tumble's 24-7 Grocery Bag

It's just perfect for those times that you run into the local store to pick up just one thing and end up leaving with 6! And either the store wants to give them to you in a paper bag you'll have to fight and tumble around in your arms all the way to the car and/or home, or take yet another plastic bag to cutter up your kitchen!

A shout out to Mad About Bags for the 411 on these two great finds!

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