Sunday, November 04, 2007

InStyle's Instant Style.....

Has, for a pleasant change, several outfits that I think can serve the 50+ gal well!

For those fall work days:

Yeah I know, those heels are perilous! But I realize there are 50+ gals out there that can still wear 'em well! And you can easily do this same outfit with a pair of the many great flats that are out there today!

I love the edge the leather jacket gives this look - and the very subtle plaid of the pants gives you a chance to incorporate this classic pattern into your wardrobe in a very laid back way.

Red, as ever, gives what could be an outfit with too much monotone just the right pop!

For an early evening dinner out:

Slip on a sleek black leather jacket over this one and let the mouths drop! No, it's not for every 50+ woman - but I know there's plenty of you out there that can pull this one off with style! Work it girl, work it! ;-)

Now for those holiday evenings (can you believe we're talking holiday parties already! Yow! : - O )

I'd wear this one in a heart beat - dressed up and grown-up Annie Hall, oh yeah!

This is just perfect for the office party - simple, comfortable and good lookin'! You can concentrate on putting your best foot forward without worrying about what you're wearing! And it's an outfit you can wear to the office that day with ease!

But if you need a bit more sparkle for that office soiree:

Yeah, I know what you're thinkin' - where's the Little Black Dress! Well they didn't have one as a choice - so I'll have to work on that one for yah!

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