Monday, November 26, 2007

Hey I Heart...

Tartan too!

Great post from DC Goodwill Fashions (Yes. Goodwill. The place where people send their surplus stuff. The blog, by the way, is very good - I've added it to my blog links to the right.)

I'm (Heartin') Tartan...

I saw part of this piece on Sunday Morning (stupidly, I'd turned away for a few moments and missed the first part!) and it was very good - I'd love to take a look at the book!

Ah, it made me think wishfully of a wonderful cream and black wool tartan skirt my Mom brought me back in the day from Lytton's a Chicago area fine clothing store that was one of the places to go for good clothes in my youth (click the link for more info on this long gone - it closed in 1986 - establishment.).

I outgrew it before it wore out and I had it for quite a while - my mom, as so many from her generation, believed in buying clothes that would last!

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