Monday, July 23, 2007

Cafe Glam....

Kicks it out with several worthwhile posts!

Top 7 Summer Shoes and What to Wear with them

Bathing Suits to make you Look Sizzling in the Sun

It's not too late to hit the bleach in style -- and with your dignity intact! After all, there's still Labor Day!

Fashion over 40 -When to Skimp and When to Splurge?

I'll be reading this one closely, as I'm starting to think about Fall and what I can add to my wardrobe that will kick up my game without requiring bankruptcy later!

Looking Youthful with Universal Style

Personally, I'm not that in to the whole "let's try to look youthful" forever obsession. However, I do feel that everyone (women and men) benefit from keeping their look up to date! I also like the list of categories - rarely do you see this kind of break down that includes well known 40+ femes as style examples!

So kick it on over to the Cafe - and enjoy!

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