Thursday, July 05, 2007

Over at Women's Fashion....

Their talking the The 10 Secrets of Timeless Style with Houston designer Gayla Bentley.

Just as I was bemoaning the fact that, with Liz C. gone, there was no designer I could think of that designs clothes specifically and unashamedly for the "everyday" woman - let along the mature woman - along comes someone like Gayla who is taking a shot at it! And with a size range of 2 - 28, a woman really needs to sit up and take notice!

Check out her website:

Gayla Bentley

Her clothes are very much focused on wardrobe basics - the kind of pieces you can mix and match with other more daring items. Some of my favs from her line:

White Stretch Matelasse Jacket - $195.00

Carmel Stretch Cotton Satten Jacket - $166.00

The jackets are very similar in style, but I love the simple lines and sharp collar on both!

Black Stretch Poplin Tie Shirt Dress - $190.00

As you know, I love a shirt dress -- and this one is definitely a keeper staple in any woman's closet!

White Jersey Ballet Neckline Top - $130.00

Now I'm not thinking I could pull this one off - but I like the look just the same!

Caramel Stretch Cotton Sateen Pant - $145.00

It's hard to find a good looking pair of flare legged pants that don't make you look like Bozo (of sainted memory I might add!). These just might fit the bill!

She also has a strictly basics line of pieces made to be base outfits. A couple of examples:

Yes her pieces are pricey (at least for my budget!) so she is not quite in Liz C.'s more affordable range. But with the size range she's offering and the fact that you can actually get them on the Needless Markup - otherwise known as Neiman Marcus - online (The Gayla Bentley Collection) their accessible wherever you live.

So checkout her tips for timeless style and her clothes as well!

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