Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pick up a copy of the July Harper's Bazaar

And enjoy some outstanding articles - not the least of which are:

Why Fashion Needs Eccentrics by J.J. Martin - Not saying you will ever dress like any of the intrepid women profiled in this piece - but I found it an inspiring reminder that 1. Dressing can, and should be, a personal statement and 2. You should dress, as much as the situation will allow, to please yourself first!

The Secret of Hermes by Natasha Wolff - Not too many secrets if you ask me - but a delightful eye candy spread on the incurably snobby saddler!

Fabulous at Every Age - Imagine my dismay in opening the July issue and seeing recommendations for Fall! Horrors! But in the fashion world summer is already passe! HB offers it's look picks for the upcoming Fall season for women 20 to 70+. I recommend this article EVERY month of the year - Harpers B is worth reading for this one alone!

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