Sunday, January 20, 2008

The January O Magazine...

Had the following great article...

How Not to Look Old - by Charla Krupp

The article is based on the author's book How Not to Look Old

I have to confess I've know about the book for sometime - but the title rather put me off. I'm just sick and tired of folks trying to convince the boomers that we need never grow old! Guess what - it's a lie! We are going to get old and look that way at some point - get over it!

But then I read a couple of articles on the book and found out that, yes, while she is talking about not looking old, she isn't actually advocating doing just about anything in order to not look older. She basically giving good advise on how not to look older than you have to! That something I can totally get behind!

The article is well worth reading if you can still get your hands on a January O. If not, check out the link above - it will give you some of the best info of the print article!

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